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XLPAT Labs conducted training for Examiners at the USPTO

XLPAT Labsは、米国特許商標庁において審査官を対象に研修会を実施いたしました


2019年5月9日 ニュース、特許、技術分析

Alexandria, Virginia, May 8, 2019.


More than 300 Patent Examiners attended the training session on “How to Expedite the Patent Examination Process” organized under the Patent Examiner Technical Training Program (PETTP) in the USPTO Tech Fair.

USPTO Tech Fairの特許審査官テクニカルトレーニングプログラム(PETTP)の下で「どのようにして特許の審査を迅速に行うか」についてのトレーニングセッションが開催され、300人以上の特許審査官の方々にご出席いただきました。

The training session was focused on sharing knowledge on cutting-edge advances in IP Research by introducing them to the newer, intelligently-automated ways to expedite the patent examination process. This will enable them to find relevant references and prior art more efficiently, earlier in the prosecution process.


The speakers at the training event were Mr. Jitin Talwar (Founder of Intellectual Property firm – TT Consultants), Mr. Sandeep Singh Kohli (Co-Founder, XLPAT ), Mr. Chetan Sharma (R&D Head), Dr. Stephen Gucker (Former USPTO Patent Examiner) and Dr. Nirmal Basi (Former USPTO Examiner & CEO, XLPAT), who are aficionados with a rich experience in the IPR field and leaders of XLPAT Labs, a company that builds AI-based IP solutions..

研修イベントの講演者は、Jitin Talwar氏(知的財産会社であるTTコンサルタントの創設者)、Sandeep Singh Kohli氏(XLPATの共同創設者)、Chetan Sharma氏(研究開発部長)、Stephen Gucker博士(元USPTO審査官)、 IPR分野で豊富な経験を持ち、AIベースのIPソリューションを構築しているXLPAT LabsのリーダーであるUSPTO特許審査官およびNirmal Basi博士(元USPTO審査官兼XLPATのCEO)でした。

The training session introduced the patent examiners to AI assisted augmented examination, that can automatically classify, allot, screen, search prior art and generate a comprehensive patentability report within minutes. This completely revolutionizes the conventional ways of patent examination and assists in providing a reliable and quick patent examination process.

このトレーニングセッションでは審査官の方々に人工知能(AI)が自動的に分類、振り分け、スクリーニング、先行技術調査や特許性の関する報告書を生成することによって短時間でより多くの審査をする手助けをした ことが紹介されました。これは従来の特許審査の方法を完全に革命化し、信頼性が高く迅速な特許審査プロセスを提供することで特許審査官の手助けをするようになります。


XLPAT is the world’s largest and most intelligent technology database having access to 100+ geographies that uses Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing and machine learning technologies to turn big data into actionable business insights. In XLPAT, we are building apps to automate the standard workflow of IP processes. XLPAT has recently developed a breakthrough app to check the novelty of ideas as a part of its vision to enable every stakeholder in all companies/countries to innovate and to convert ideas into innovation and convert innovation into IP.



About the USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a federal agency in the U.S. Department of Commerce that issues patents to inventors and businesses for their inventions, and trademark registration for product and intellectual property identification.






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